New Motorcycle Buyers- Beware of Deals Gap, Tennessee!

Smokey Mountains

Experienced Harley riders are often looking for thrilling places to take their bike for an action packed day. Deals Gap, also known as Tail of the Dragon is a great place to visit. Because of the complexity of this trail it is not recommended for new motorcycle buyers.

Located in the Great Smokey mountains near the Tallahassee, TN,  crossing into the North Carolina border, this trail may only be 11 miles long, but is know as one of the best places to take your Harley Davidson. Within your 11 mile trip, you will face 318 turns, or should I say sharp turns and steep drop offs,  with elevation changes similar to that of riding a roller coaster!

To describe just how dangerous Deal’s Gap really is, while on your adventure, visit the “Tree of Shame.” This tree is designated to those who have wrecked their bike while on their journey. Whats so special about this tree you may ask? Well, this large tree is almost completely covered top to bottom with pieces from unfortunate accidents along the Tail of the Dragon. In the past 10 years this rode is home to 26 motorcycle fatalities.

Once again I will stress, if you are a new motorcycle buyer, steer clear of Deal’s Gap until you gain a ton of experience! And for those of you who are very experienced head towards Tallahassee, Tennessee and take the challenge, just watch for oncoming traffic!



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