New Motorcycle Buyers in Phoenix, Arizona

Are you a recent motorcycle buyer looking for great places to take your new Harley? ThereGrand Canyon are obviously many roads throughout the United States where you can just ride a motorcycle. But as a rider, we want places with twists, turns and an awesome scenery.

One trip that really stuck out to me, was what some like to call the southwest desert stretch. This ride will start you off just south of Phoenix, AZ, through Tucson, and finally landing you at the bottom of Mt. Lemmon. Between the smaller cities, you will experience what seems to be a long stretch of desert, with most of your amentities being in Tucson. You will definately want to fill up your tank while in Tucson, theres nothing worse than being stuck in the desert with no gas.

You will know you have reached Mt. Lemmon when you see a sign stating “30 miles to top of Mt. Lemmon.” While riding up extreme levels of elevation, you will experience exciting curves as well as beautiful scenic areas. Because of the extreme heat of Arizona, you will want to make sure you plan your trip in early spring or late fall. This will ensure you are not to hot on the ride, and not freezing when reaching the more elevated parts of the ride.


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