Buying a Motorcycle- Enjoy the Florida Sun!

Winding rivers, palm trees, deep forested areas. These are a few of the many amazing scenic views that “The Sunshine State” has to offer motorcycle buyers in Florida.

There are beautiful routes to embark on all over Florida to enjoy the Florida sun, but if you want to experience what The Outdoor Writer’s Association of America once voted “the most scenic route in the eastern United States,” then hop on your motorcycle or street bike and head south on Interstate 95 and take a ride from Miami, FL all the way through Key West, Florida.

This 328 mile stretch will take you along the southernmost tip of Florida, where you can take a pit stop to enjoy the incredible atmosphere of Miami Beach if you so choose.

Enjoy The Florida Sun On A Used Motorcycle
Buying a Motorcycle- Enjoy the Florida Sun!

Once you get back on your bike and hit the Overseas Highway, you’ll get the opportunity to check out the Florida Bay and the Atlantic Ocean on either side of you before you wind up in Key West, FL.

If you want to kick back and grab a bite to eat or have a few drinks, motorcycle owners in Florida recommend stopping in the middle of the island near Mallory Square for the ideal place to relax. There’s always live music, tons of places to eat and great views of the sunset.

People all over Florida are looking to buy used motorcycles so they too can enjoy this, or one of the countless other routes the beautiful state of Florida has to offer. If you are trying to sell your motorcycle or sports bike in Florida contact us so we can make it easy for you!

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