If You’re Selling A Used Motorcycle, We’re Buying

You’re Selling A Motorcycle

You have a motorcycle that you want to sell in the New York area or Pennsylvania or Ohio.

Now you’re wondering how can I sell my motorcycle, get a fair price for it, not pay advertising costs, not deal with strangers coming to my house and not getting phone calls at all hours of the day or night. How can I sell my motorcycle fast and effectively with an assured sale. What can I do to get cash in hand for my motorcycle?

These are just some of the questions that anyone who has ever tried to sell a used motorcycle must ask themselves. The issues and the aggravations that surround selling your used motorcycle are things that anyone who has ever sold a used motorcycle must deal with when they sell a motorcycle.

We’re Buying Motorcycles

We make a trip from our Michigan based motorcycle buying and wholesaling division every week to New York to buy motorcycles. Since we’re located in Michigan, when we head to New York to buy used motorcycles from people like you, we also pass through Ohio and Pennsylvania. It’s just natural that if you have a motorcycle for sale that is on our way, we’ll buy your motorcycle too.

Although we specifically mention New York as an area we travel to when we’re buying motorcycles, we also travel across the entire United States at least on a monthly basis to buy your used motorcycle. Why would we travel so much to buy used motorcycles? Because there are some great bikes out there that we would simply miss out on if we didn’t travel to pick them up from the people we buy them from. In addition, we operate a professional motorcycle shipping company and we deliver motorcycles nationwide. When we’re out on the road delivering motorcycles or picking up a motorcycle to be delivered elsewhere, it is convenient for us to make the stop to see you to buy your used motorcycle from you.

We’ve offered professional low cost motorcycle shipping along with any other powersports vehicle for many years and buying and reselling used motorcycles was simply a kind of natural progression. When we picked up or deliver a motorcycle, we were asked regularly if we would be interested in buying another motorcycle. In the beginning we were not, but, soon afterwards we began making many contacts across the country with people interested in buying used motorcycles. One thing lead to another and here we are today, one of the largest buyers of used motorcycles in the United States.

If you have a motorcycle that you want to sell in New York or Pennsylvania or Ohio, or for that matter most anywhere else in the United States, tell us about your motorcycle using our convenient online form or give us a call toll free at 800-963-9216. We’ll tell you if we’re interested in buying your motorcycle (we are) and we’ll make you a great offer to buy your motorcycle for cash. We’ll handle all of the details too. Things like bank payoffs, title transfer and more. You just have to sell us your used motorcycle, we’ll pay you for it and we’ll both be happy.

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