Motorcycle buyers in Lexington, Kentucky

Have you had the chance to experience Tates Creek Road? Tates Creek Road is a beautiful ride on a motorcycle.  As motorcycle buyers in Lexington, Kentucky, we recently had the opportunity to take some rides.  If you are looking for a short, but scenic ride, this is a great trip for you. Only 26 miles, Tates Creek Road will take you from Lexington to Richmond, crossing over the Kentucky River where you can take a free ferry to the other side. You will experience a wonderful scenery consisting of farmland and a ride through dense forest. Although there aren’t many roadside amenities along the way, you are riding from one main city to another.Kentucky

Of course as Motorcycle buyers throughout Kentucky we get around, so those who want to make a longer trip out of their Kentucky ride are offered many campgrounds and state parks to enjoy. At your Richmond destination, you will find the Kentucky River Museum, where you can take a tour of Fort Boonsbrough State Park, filled with history dating back to 1775!

There are many people who are looking to for us to buy their used motorcycles in the Richmond or Lexington, Kentucky area and we are happy to recommend them taking the Tates Creek ride.  If you live in this area and want to sell us your motorcycle, contact us we’ll be happy to take the ride!

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