Motorcycles In San Diego, California- Engine Repair

A  malfunctioning motorcycle in San Diego, California is a biker’s worst nightmare. Recently, we spoke with motorcycle mechanics in San Diego, to see what the problem could be if your engine won’t turn over, your motor isn’t rotating properly, or your spark plug is not functioning correctly. Should you get them fixed or should you get cash for your motorcycle?

1) Engine won’t turn over.
The cause to this can be one problem or a combination of a few. Valve seizures, rocker arm seizure, cylinder piston seizure, or a Crankshaft seizure can be to blame. Still not working, it could possibly be the connecting rod small end seizure, the connecting rod big end seizure, the transmission gear or bearing seizure, or a Camshaft seizure. According to the mechanic of motorcycles in San Diego ,repairing an engine can be one of the most costly repairs on your motorcycle.

2) Is your starter motor not rotating?
Have you checked your starter? It could possibly be a starter lockout or neutral switch trouble, starter motor trouble, or maybe your starter button is just not connected correctly. Have you checked your battery? This could also mean that your battery voltage is low. Your main fuse could also be blown which is triggering your motor to not rotate.

3) Is your spark weak or even working at all?
It could possibly be your spark plug. It could be dirty, broken, or maladjusted. Have you checked the cap? It could not be in good contact or it could be a high tension wiring problem. Are your coils working correctly? Spark problems could be a result of pick up coil or ignition coil trouble. It could also possibly be that the engine or ignition stop switch shorted.

Why waste your time and money getting the same repairs done over and over again, when people are getting cash for motorcycles in San Diego? Don’t spend thousands on repairs when you could get hundreds or even thousands for your motorcycle in San Diego, California.

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