Not Riding Why Not Sell Your Motorcycle

If you’re not riding that motorcycle you have, why not sell it?

Maybe you bought your motorcycle a couple of years ago and when you bought it you had time to ride. But, life changes for all of us and it seems that there are simply more demands on our free time and the things we can do. Maybe you’re working more hours. Maybe family demands have increased. Maybe your interests have changed and you’ve become involved with other projects or activities. Whatever the reasons, you simply don’t have the time anymore to get out and ride as you once did. So why do you still keep that motorcycle?

Why not sell the motorcycle you have and get some quick cash in hand?

We are buying used motorcycles in Michigan. We are buying used motorcycles in Ohio. In fact, we buy used motorcycles nationwide and we want to make a cash offer to buy your used motorcycle.

We are in the business of buying used motorcycles and then reselling them in bulk quantities to others. Because we sell used motorcycles in bulk, we need to buy as many used motorcycles as we possibly can and in particular during the riding season when demand is very high. We buy all types of used motorcycles too. If you have a sport bike, a cruiser, a touring bike, a dirt bike or any other style of motorcycle we want to hear about it so we can make you a cash offer to buy it from you. We also buy all major makes of motorcycles and are extremely interested in buying some of the more exotic motorcycles.

We’re looking for motorcycles in Michigan that are stock or customized and we will even take a look at some that may be considered mechanics specials. However, we are truly more interested in buying great running bikes without damage. We need to buy the bike that you want to ride but, simply can’t anymore.

Take a couple of minutes to request our offer on your used motorcycle in Michigan, Ohio or anywhere else and we will get back to you with a cash offer for your motorcycle. If you’re not riding it, you need to sell it and we want to buy it.

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