Sell Us Your Bike Visits Reno to Lake Tahoe Loop!

The state of California has a huge variety of motorcycle road scenery. This state is honored to have endless miles of barren canyon, limitless stretches of alpine mountain roads, a Pacific Coast shoreline and some of the most engaging cities in the world.

One of the best routes for recent motorcycle buyers in California is the Reno, NV to Lake Tahoe Loop. The Reno to Lake Tahoe Loop trail is one of the most peaceful places to ever ride because the area is very welcoming. This place has everything from quiet, cattle meadows to hilly Cliffside roads scaling up to Lake Tahoe.

This route first starts out in Reno, Nevada in which you then take Highway 395 N to California. From there, you make a left onto CA 70 and head west. As you continue on your ride, take a left onto CA 49 and begin heading south. California 49 soon leads to California 89 and from there, make a left and head on down to Truckee, Calif. Still heading south, get on CA 267 in which you should see King’s Beach. Through Crystal Bay, NV, take CA 28 east to Nevada 431. NV 431 then leads you to Hwy 395 where you then can take that north back to Reno, Nevada.

The roads during this trail are great especially since there is a newly graveled two lane with turn out pathways. This route has a lot of twists and turns and almost all of them are blind. The Reno to Lake Tahoe Loop starts out very steady but soon becomes more challenging as you go up and down Mountain Rose.

If you’re thinking about getting rid of your old motorcycle for a hot, new ride to travel this exciting route, Sell Us Your Bike is always open to buying your old bikes. Who wouldn’t want fast cash in their pockets? Contact us today for our California motorcycle offers!

Early morning view of Lake Tahoe.
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