Selling a Custom Motorcycle in California

When selling a custom motorcycle or chopper in California, there are a few tips that can help you attract buyers. Sell Us Your Bike buys used choppers and other motorcycles from California residents, but like any other buyer, there are some things that we look for when determining whether or not we are interested in purchasing your custom motorcycle.

Photos- Pictures are one of the best assets to have when trying to sell a custom chopper in California. Selecting photos that show different areas of your motorcycle will allow the viewer to get a feel of your entire bike. Close up photos of custom rims, paint job, tires, chrome, or other customizes areas will show the potential buyer exactly what customizations have been done and the visual quality of the customization.

Description– Be as detailed as possible when describing your custom chopper for sale in California. Don’t leave out the specs and feature of your used custom motorcycle. The more detail that you give about your motorcycle the more interest a potential motorcycle buyer in California can gain in your motorcycle. This will also reduce the number of questions you may have to answer should you get a call about your used custom chopper for sale in California.

Condition– Be honest and upfront about the condition of your motorcycle. If you lie about the condition you will waste both your time and the potential motorcycle buyer’s time. We even suggest including photos of damage or scratches that your used motorcycle may have. When the purchaser arrives to buy the motorcycle they will see it anyway, why not just give it to them up front and let them know that you are an honest seller.

Be Realistic– We understand that memories are made with motorcycles and motorcycle owners in California develop a bond with their bike that others may not understand. Remember that buyers are not paying for your relationship with their bike; they are paying for the bike itself. Do your research before setting an asking price and price accordingly. If you price your bike for too much buyers will not even inquire. And also remember that not all customizations will increase the price of your motorcycle. Unfortunately, some may even lower it.

Sell Us Your Bike is always looking for custom choppers in California. If you have a custom chopper or other motorcycle for sale in California, fill out our online quote form now. If we are interested we will respond with what we are willing to pay for your custom motorcycle in California.

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