Take A Trip Through Sacramento Valley

More often than not when we are on our way to meet residents who are looking to sell a motorcycle in California we come across some very interesting routes. Routes that we always make a second trip to on our motorcycles. As motorcycle enthusiasts finding the best motorcycle routes in CA is something we enjoy, and love sharing with new motorcycle buyers who are looking for a great ride.

Our most recent route was a 3 hour trip california-highwaythrough Sacramento Valley, California. If beautiful scenic mountains and lakes of crystal clear water are your type of ride you will truly enjoy this trip. Taking you through the High Sierras to over 8000 ft altitude, you will experience sweeping turns on a newly paved asphalt road. There are some very seldom occurrences of unpaved roads. If you take this trip during the early winter months be sure to be cautious of road conditions as some roads near Lake Alpine may be closed.

You will begin your 110 mile journey south of Sacramento, CA where you will head northeast towards the Stanislaus National Forest.  You will ride through about 80 miles of  2-lane highway before entering the High Sierras. Along this trip, there are some great places for you to stop and take a break, or fill up for gas.

One of the most scenic parts of this Sacramento Valley route for new motorcycle buyers in California is from New Angles Camp through Murphy, CA. Murphy is a great place for bikers in California to stop. We do recommend filling up on gas before you leave Murphy as gas prices increase when you head into Bear Lake.

Have you traveled this route? We want to hear your story or see your awesome photos!

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