Brief History of Harley-Davidson

Let us take a look at the history of Harley-Davidson. In 1901, William Harley designed a small engine to be used in pedal-style bicycle frames. Over the next couple of years, Harley and his best friend Arthur Davidson and his brother created a powered bicycle. This was in 1903 using a northside Milwaukee machine shop. After a couple of years of trial and error, Harley and Davidson began offering their Harley-Davidson engines to the do-it-yourself trade. The following April, a very limited number of motorcycles started production.

Hog Heaven – History Behind Harley’s Famous Name

For over 100 years the term “Hog” has been associated with Harley Davidson and motorcycle culture as a whole. Though the story of how the term came to be isn’t common knowledge. We here at SellUsYourBike.Net did a little digging and thought we’d share what we found! Even if you’ve never thought about why your “hog” has its name, we can help you sell it!

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History of Harley-Davidson Brothers

In 1906 Harley and the Davidson brothers History of Harley-Davidsonconstructed their first factory on Chestnut St., which to this day is still the Harley Davidson headquarters. In addition, following the completion of their factory, Harley-Davidson manufactured 150 motorcycles in 1907, shown in the photo.

As one of the only manufacturers to outlive World War I, The Great Depression, and World War II, Harley Davidson expanded to overseas manufacturing in many countries. Throughout the progress of their company, they also had many downfalls and flaws with products. Some of which led to the deaths of public authorities.

History of Harley-Davidson and Hogs

For Harley Davidson Labor Day weekend 1919 in Marion, Indiana HD established its legacy.

The Harley team dominated most of these races in the early 1920s against their rival Indians. Ray Weishaar can be given the credit for the name after winning the races at blistering 70mph. Ray had adopted a piglet “Johnny” and it became customary for riders to take the hog for a victory lap after a win. Also, reporters took the team’s mascot and made jokes about how the Harley Davidson team would “Hog” all the wins from the competition. This team mascot is why they eventually became known as the “hog boys,”.

Here we see “Johnny” the Harley team’s mascot circa 1920
Here we see “Johnny” the Harley team’s mascot circa 1920

Eventually, the term “hog” became the popular term to call any Harley-Davidson motorcycle. As time passed, the company not only embraced the name but also uses it for their own club. Now “HOG” is used as an acronym for the Harley Owners Group as well as the Harley-Davidson Motor Company’s listing on the stock market.

Although Harley Davidson faced their ups and downs, the company has come to lengths beyond recognition leading to the phenomenal Harley Davidson cruisers that we see today. Because of the outstanding progress that Harley and the Davidson family achieved, they have been recognized in the Labor Hall of Fame. Also, their brilliant idea has led them to the top motorcycle company around the world.

Sell Your Hog

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