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motorcycle valueYou might be wondering “what is my motorcycle worth?” It’s a valid question. After all, there are not many motorcycle value guides out there. However, this is an important question when you’re thinking of selling your motorcycle or would like to eventually down the road. You want to know what will get you the biggest bang for your buck or want to know what the dealer is going to look for when assessing your bike. This article is going to help give you an idea of what dealers look for when assessing your motorcycle value, and how it will affect the price you will get.

The first resource that people typically go to assess the baseline value of their bike is the Kelly Blue Book price. Almost every dealer is going to look here for your baseline value. From this point, they will start to factor other things into the final value of your motorcycle. Things such as; wear and tear on different parts of the bike, overall appearance, and any upgrades you may have made to the bike and mileage.

Motorcycle Value Guide: Running Condition

The first thing to check on is if the bike runs well. If your bike doesn’t start, or the gears stick, these are the quickest way a bike will depreciate in value. Dealers will buy a bike that doesn’t run, but you’re going to get a fraction of what you could get if it did. Dealers are going to look at key things to determine the wear and tear on the bike such as suspension, miles vs. years owned, and repairs made to the bike. The price can also be affected by the appearance and aesthetics of the bike. For a truly accurate motorcycle value make sure you include a few pictures when you get an appraisal from a dealer.

When it comes to the overall appearance, Dealers are going to take a quick look at the bike to see how it looks aesthetically. Is there rust?  Tarnished? Are the seats cracked? Are there any dings or dents on the outside of the bike? Chipped or cracked paint? All of these things will factor into the value the dealer is going to put on the bike. All of these things will decrease the value of the bike. So if you can fix and clean these things before getting a quote it will help the final number given to you.


When it comes to upgrades, some are worth more than others. A new exhaust system won’t be worth as much as revamping the engine and new wheels. So make sure you are ready for the final quote that will be given to you.

Resources to determine Motorcycle Worth

If you’re wondering “how much is my motorcycle worth?” Then you go to check the Harley-Davidson blue book value. That is one source, however, you might now be satisfied with the price it gives. There are other resources to help you determine Motorcycle value. Here are a few places to check:

  • Nada motorcycle values
  • Motorcycles for sale on Craigslist – check similar bikes
  • Motorcycle Trader same thing
  • Facebook Marketplace – selling motorcycles
  • Edmunds motorcycle value guide

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