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Polaris Industries 550 Shift 136

Polaris 550

This is a no nonsense, go every where through everything kind of sled. Good for new riders and for the serious outdoorsman alike, this sled has been made to handle anything. This sled isn’t going to be front and center on the showroom floor, but is well worth the walk to check it out. Great for sensible riders who aren’t looking to impress the Jones’ next store, but still can hold out against any conditions. For new riders you better be able to handle the idea of a manual shifting this sled, because that’s what you’re going to be doing on this guy. Reliable, durable, tried and true, this sled is made to ride. free quote to buy snowmobile

But i f you are ready for a sled with a little more ‘pick up and go’ then look no further. We will buy your old Polaris 550 Shift 136 off your hands and give you cash towards your next sled. We’ve included our free online form below so you can easily get a quote sooner rather than later. No commitment, no hassle, no hustle. Just tell us about your old ride and we’ll come back with a number for you. Easy. So if you want to say to us “Sell my snowmobile for me” we will do that. We’ve been every where to buy snowmobiles, from Michigan to Washington and every were in between. If you have it, we’ll buy it! Contact us today!


Engine Type Polaris
Displacement 544 cc
Bore x Stroke 73 x 65 mm
Cylinders 2
Engine Cooling Fan
Carburetion 2 – VM34
Ignition Digital CDI
Exhaust Single
Brake Type Phantom, Hydraulic
Drive Clutch P-85
Driven Clutch P2
Front Suspension IQ
Front Travel 10 in. (25.4 cm)
Rear Suspension IQ 136 Coupled
Rear Travel 14 in. (35 cm)
Ski Type IQ
Ski Stance 42.5 in. (108 cm)
Track Type Shockwave
Track Dimensions 15 x 136 X 1.25 in.
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