A Motorcycle Must Ride From Georgia to Florida

New motorcycle buyers across the country including Florida or Georgia are searching for the perfect trip to truly enjoy riding a motorcycle. Recent Florida motorcycle buyers or Georgia motorcycle buyers often search for routes that seem as if they were made for motorcycle owners in the United States. On our recent motorcycle ride to buy motorcycles for sale in Florida, we took an incredible route, perfect for a quick ride or to make a weekend trip.

florida-roadThroughout this incredible route for new motorcycle buyers in Georgia or new motorcycle buyers in Florida, there will be a few places you will want to take a quick break and look around.

Heading southwest out of Bainbridge, Georgia on a straight and well-maintained Highway 97, we decided we would make a right at Route 310 for a quick stop at Wingates Lunker Lodge. If you like to fish, hunt, or want to make your ride a camping trip, this is the perfect place. If you choose to camp out you can pitch a tent, rent a brick motel room, or even stay in a log cabin. Winsgate Lodge is also a great place to grab a bite to eat as the food is delicious. When it was time to leave Winsgates Lunker Lodge in Bainbridge, GA we headed back towards HWY 97. Before heading out of Bainbridge, GA, be sure to stop at the historic square and get a breathtaking view of the Flint River.

Before reaching the highway, you will Motorcycle ride with great scenerywant to turn right onto Booster Club Road. This is where a beautiful scenic route will begin. When riding a motorcycle, whether in Georgia, Florida, or any other state, scenery is the best part of every ride! As you continue on Booster Club Road you will pass through country life, and beautiful trees and also get an amazing view of Lake Seminole before making it into Chattahoochee, Florida.

If you are a recent motorcycle buyer in Florida, you too can enjoy the same route as motorcycle buyers in Georgia! Simply reverse the route and enjoy all of the same roadside amenities and spectacular scenery. We recommend taking this trip in early November. This will allow you to experience the beautiful leaves changing in the Fall, yet still warm enough for camping, yet late enough for hunting season to begin!

Are you planning on buying a new motorcycle before taking your next motorcycle trip to Florida or Georgia? Tell us about your current motorcycle and we will help get you quick cash to put towards to purchase of your newer model motorcycle in Georgia or Florida.

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