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Sell Your Motorcycle and Avoid the Scams!

When it comes to selling a motorcycle, we understand that some people, regardless of what you tell them just want to do it on their own, or places may not want to give you what you want for your used motorcycle. Regardless of the reasoning, if you decide to take selling your used motorcycle upon yourself, there are some important things to consider, protecting not only the safety of your motorcycle, but you as well.

The first step to successfully selling your motorcycle personally is advertising, whether youpay-cash post a listing in the local classified, or hang signs on community bulletin boards. One of the most important things to remember when advertising is DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT put your home address, or address of the motorcycles location on any type of advertisement. If a potential buyer would like to come out and see the motorcycle, try to meet at a neutral location. Following this rule can help prevent the theft of your motorcycle.

Another tip to remember when selling a motorcycle is that not everyone is qualified, or licensed to drive a motorcycle. I you allow someone to test drive your motorcycle, be sure that they have the proper endorsements, and are licensed. It is common for people to want to ride your motorcycle just for the ride, and may not actually be interested in purchasing your motorcycle. It is up to you to be the judge of whether or not the person who wants to test drive your used motorcycle really wants to buy, or just wants a free ride.

Lastly, for many, the most important part of selling your used motorcycle. The money! This is unfortunately where many will get scammed when trying to sell their motorcycle via online or local classifieds. If you are accepting check or money order as a payment type, be sure that the funds clear before signing over the title. Many times this will take 2-3 days depending on your banks requirements.

Be sure to keep a copy of the title after the sale. Take your license plate and registration information off of the motorcycle. DO NOT give the new buyer access to your insurance information. All of this is the buyer’s responsibility. Make sure to provide your buyer with the owner’s manual and any extra keys you have.

If you would like to easily sell your motorcycle, contact Sell Us Your Bike today, and receive a free quote. 1-800-963-9216

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