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Pros and Cons of Winter Riding

Pros and Cons of Winter Riding

Although snow is prominent in many states, winter riding is still a viable and fun activity for many motorcycle enthusiasts. While many motorcycle owners store their rides until spring, there are plenty who enjoy taking a winter ride on their bikes. Certain states do not get as cold as others, allowing for smoother rides. However, some riders like taking a drive in when snow is on the ground. You might be wondering why some people would be taking winter rides, especially with all the issues that come with it. That is why Sell Us Your Bike is going to talk about the pros and cons of riding a motorcycle in winter!

Pros of Winter Riding

During the wintertime, many people shut themselves inside to escape the cold. For the average motorcycle rider, these conditions can bring on the winter blues. So, taking a winter ride can relieve the feeling of being trapped indoors. Motorcycle rides during the winter can also build a more confident driver. After all, weather conditions during the winter months can be tumultuous. As a result, the road conditions can change rapidly. Learning how to drive in difficult conditions can build a motorcycle rider’s skills. You also have the bonus of the roads being quieter during the colder months. However, the best part is the scenery. Driving through a winter wonderland is the best part of winter riding. Despite all the fun that you can have driving your motorcycle in the winter, there are problems that you can face.

Cons of Winter Riding

While wintertime is beautiful, there are more perils for riders. During the colder months, the nights are longer. With shorter days, visibility can be a challenge for motorcycle riders. Longer nights also put riders at risk of hitting wildlife like deer and rabbits. You also have the road conditions. While facing difficult road conditions can boost a rider’s confidence, it also can be very dangerous. Cars have a difficult time handling ice with four-wheel drive and heavy-duty brakes. Hitting an ice patch on a motorcycle can prove to be very dangerous. Motorcycle brands like Honda and Yamaha have models that can handle winter rides better than others.  You also need the right riding gear. To handle the freezing temperatures, you need proper clothing. This includes proper gloves, coats, hats, and other protections.

Sunny Days Bring Out the Bikes

In the northern or upper midwest states like Michigan there is a very real thing called the winter thaw. There is always a few days when the weather hits the 40s, 50s and sometimes even 60 degrees! At that time, you’ll see many riders dust off the cobwebs and put their bike on road. So, if you are going to take your bike out of storage for a winter ride, take care and be prepared!

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