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Best Motorcycle Routes in Eastern Michigan

Best Motorcycle Routes in Eastern Michigan

Now that the summer months are upon us, I’m sure you’re geared up for getting out and taking some long cruises on your motorcycle. Finally you can enjoy the nice weather without having to worry about ice patches or sudden inclement weather. But where to go?  In the Metro Detroit area people have been pulling together ideas on where the best routes are, and we’ve picked our personal favorites and want to share them with you.


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For our first route recommendation, try the North Territorial Dr. cruise on a lazy Saturday afternoon


  1. Territorial Drive

Distance: 37 miles

MPH: 40 most of the way, occasional 55 MPH

Best Times to Go: Every Saturday from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM from May To September

What its like:

If you want to enjoy the Michigan countryside, and have a nice long relaxing cruise, this is the route we recommend. We want to start you off in Plymouth Michigan and then take you West of Ann Arbor by about 20 miles. Great views, fresh air, and easy road to boot.

To get to this great cruising spot we recommend hopping onto M-14 East out of the city and hopping off at Beck Rd. ext. #18. Go South on Beck road then West on North Territory. Enjoy N. Territory until you hit 52 (West of Ann Arbor) and then South to Chelsea Michigan. From there you can hop back on 94, or loop back up and take N. Territorial back the way you came.

We hope you enjoy the ride that we provided, and remember if you ever need to sell your current motorcycle for a fair price, remember us at SellUsYourBike.com


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