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Motorcycle Maintenance For Summer Riding

Getting Ready For Summer RidingIt’s summertime! Now that the weather is warmer you’ll most likely be riding your motorcycle more often. There is nothing better than cruising down a highway during the Summer and letting the wind blow through your hair while the heat from the sun beats on your back.

So if you’re not going to sell your motorcycle you’ll want to make sure you can ride safely. We put together some motorcycle maintenance tips/list that you’ll want to cover before you hit the road.

Motorcycle Maintenance Required Before Summer Riding

  • Check the engine

After a long time of disuse, a motorcycle’s engine can stall and the cylinders within can rust. You should take the bike into a repair shop for gearbox and oil replacements and an engine rotation.

  • Check the battery

You should store your bike with a smart charger to charge the battery over a long period of time. If you did not store the bike with a charger, the battery may need to be replaced by a mechanic before you go on a ride.

  • Clean the brakes

Before you go on a ride, you should clean the brakes with brake cleaner. You will also need to bleed the brake fluid and pump the pipes and hoses containing brake fluid so they can be purged of air bubbles. This forces extra air out of the hydraulic system and makes rides more efficient.
motorcycle maintenance for summer

  • Check your tires

Make sure you check your tires for both tire pressure and wear. For tire pressure, you should check it once a week or if you ride infrequently, you should check it before you take it out. When you check for wear, the legal limit is 1/32 tread, but also check to make sure the wear is even and without noticeable flat spots.

  • Change the oil

After a long time, a vehicle’s oil degrades. Before a trip, the oil and gas in a bike should be checked as the stability of these elements decreases over time. You should also check your fuel filter and fuel tank for any rust. Better safe than sorry.

  • Check for steering-head changes

In addition, you should check for any steering-head changes by manipulating the fork sitting in the front. If you feel movement, it means that the steering head is loose and needs to be tightened. If it remains loose, you could potentially lose control while driving.

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Post updated from May 2019

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