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Yamaha FJR1300A

Yamaha FJR1300A

The FJR1300A supersport touring bike boasts standard ABS and adjustable ergonomics – that widens the gap between it and common sport tourers more than ever.

The FJR1300A

Introduced in Europe in 2001 before coming to the United States in 2002, the FJR1300A gained a big following. This Yamaha bike boasts a 1,298 cc transverse-mounted inline-four engine with four valves per cylinder. Also, the transmission uses a five-speed manual gearbox with wide-ratio gears.  The electrical system is a standard 12-volt electrical system.

Deep, smooth power that sends you down the road like a flat rock skimming a smooth lake, it features a perfectly tuned chassis that bends gracefully into corners and powerful brakes with advanced ABS that bring you to a confident stop in all kinds of weather. Also, with features like heated grips, adjustable windscreen, and much more, there’s nothing more you could ever want or need.

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