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Ski-Doo Mach Z 1000SDI

Ski-Doo Mach Z1000SDI


The Ski-doo Mach Z is fast, quite fast in fact and it has the horsepower to prove it. With a smooth get up and go, you’ll have to keep your speedometer to make sure your not going too fast. Stable, light handling, and comfortable riding positions are all perks to this guy. Unfortunately the earlier models of this sled is plagued with maintenance issues, and replacement part prices can make your head spin (especially after replacing the same part over and over again). For some people, this is a mega deal breaker.

If you got yourself into one of these ‘Time Bombs’ we can help. We buy used snowmobiles from all over the country. Wisconsin, New York, Colorado, basically everywhere the white stuff hits the ground and sticks. If you’re selling, we’re buying! We’ve included our free quote form below so you can get a good idea of how much your sled is worth. We’ll pay cash for used snowmobiles, no strings attached. So tell us a little bit about your Ski-doo sled and we’ll give you a quote, contact us today!


Manufacturer: Ski-Doo


Model: Mach Z 1000SDI

CCs: 995

Engine type: SDI two-stroke twin

Primary Color: Black

Condition: Good

Title: Clean

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