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Riding Motorcycles through Mountains

Riding your motorscycle in the mountains

Riding motorcycles through mountains is more common than you think. After all, the Appalachian mountains cross over several states making it impossible to avoid if you want to travel west! When driving in a car, driving through mountainous terrain can be a challenge and stressful. So imagine riding your motorcycle! However, some of the most beautiful motorcycle trails are through this area. If you are going to drive your bike through mountain ranges, here are a few riding safety tips that you can use.

Handling Curves

If you are traveling down a mountain road, you are going to experience a lot of corners, many of these corners will be tight. In addition to all of this, most of these corners are accompanied by sheer drops down the mountain. So, how do you handle these turns and curves? A good way to safely navigate these corners is using the lines. If you are taking a curve, start with the outside line. Using the outside line can help you see oncoming traffic easier and allow you to straighten it out easier. Avoid going into the other traffic lanes when making your turn. If you experience a blind corner, you will need to take extra caution. Not only do you have to be careful of other vehicles but wild animals that call the mountains their home.

Throttle Position When Descending

Instead of opening the throttle fully, it is advisable to maintain a moderate and controlled speed while descending a mountain on a motorcycle. Use the throttle judiciously to match the desired speed and maintain a safe distance from the vehicles ahead. It is important to anticipate and adjust to changing road conditions, use proper braking techniques, and maintain a balance between speed and control to ensure a safe descent.

Motorcycle Braking on the Mountain

Depending on if you are ascending or descending will determine what brake you will use. If you are going upward, you will want to use your rear brake. While taking turns, it will help stabilize your bike and allow you to keep an open throttle. However, you do not want to use the rear tire on the way down. When you are traveling down a slope, all of the weight is put on the front of the bike. As a result, the rear wheel has no weight. If you try using your rear tire, not only will you not slow down there is a chance that you will crash.

Prepare for Weather Changes

While you are going up and down the mountain, you can experience sudden changes in temperatures. In fact, you can experience a bright sunny day and then turn a corner to heavy fog. Due to the unpredictability of the weather around the mountain, having extra clothes so you can take layers off and put layers on. You should also prepare for unexpected thunderstorms that are common during the summer months.

Riding through the mountains in states like West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee is beautiful. However, there are plenty of hazards to look out for while riding your bike through the mountains. So makes sure you keep up with your motorcycle maintenance and keep these tips in mind!

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